Falcons News · Girls golf: Falcons build momentum at end of season

October 26, 2018 — by Shama Gupta

With a league record of 7-3, the girls’ golf team has advanced to CCS after putting in hard work at leagues, which was held on Oct. 24 at the Santa Teresa golf course.

On Oct. 16, the Falcons won 218-232 at Los Gatos, and on Oct. 15, they won 206-226 against Lynbrook. The girls were happy to finish their season with these two wins, sophomore No. 2 player Jane Loo said.

The team’s match on Oct. 10 against Palo Alto was a 191-232 loss, their second loss against Palo Alto. Loo said that the girls struggled because they started from farther tees than usual. She said that though both teams were playing at the far tee, Palo Alto’s team is skilled at hitting farther distances.

The previous match against Palo Alto on Oct. 8 resulted in a 198-214 loss.

The Falcons had previously won their matches against Gunn 202-214 on Oct. 2, Los Gatos 214-237 on Oct. 1, Monta Vista 233-201 on Sept. 27 and Lynbrook 172-185 on Sept. 25.

The team said they felt satisfied with their previous performances because they worked hard all year.

“I think the season is going really well, and everyone is working very hard to improve in general,” said senior captain Janelle Jin, the No. 1 player.

Along with the team victories, Jin ranked as the top player in the league, meaning she consistently had the lowest scoring average.

“I’m very honored,” Jin said. “I never thought I would be since our league is relatively competitive.”

Reflecting on their accomplishments, Loo  pointed to having “depth in the team” with a multitude of good players, including freshman Savannah Lin, junior Sally Kim and senior Kristin Murakami. This differs from most other schools, where the team is carried by two or three highly skilled players.

The travel team, made up of six varsity-level players, is “very strong in general, giving [the team] a strong advantage,” Loo said.

Loo added that their team bond is strong, which helps in their game. The team often likes to go out to watch movies and get food.

“Our whole team bonds very well. Everyone is always happy and we’re always looking forward to our next match, where we try to beat our opponents again,” Loo said.

The Falcons will soon start CCS. They will be playing their first match on Oct. 30, at Laguna Seca Golf Course in Monterey.